PEER User Manual :: VUMC Office of Grants & Contracts Management :: Log Into PEER

PEER Basics

  • This tutorial will show you how to log into PEER the first time and set up your account. We will also review the home menu and point out many of the features and actions available within PEER.

  • This lession shows you how to submit a help ticket for suggested improvements or for help with technical issues/bugs.

  • Learn how to use the "Finder" mechanism to fill in various form fields throughout PEER.

Contract Tracking

For Faculty

Action Requests


  • This tutorial shows the reader how to acdess "My Assigned Contracts" in order to view the status of an assigned contract in GCM's system. An assigned contract is any contract that has been accepted through GCM's submission process (PEER) and has been assigned to a Contract Analyst. This assigned contract can have many statuses and could represent a contract in the negotiation phase, or could be a complete and active contract.

  • This extensive tutorial will guide the reader through the process of creating a new contract submission in PEER, and then submitting it to the VUMC Office of Contracts Management (OCM) for review.


  • In this Part 2 of the Contract Submission tutorial, we'll create a new contract submission, begin filling in the submission form, and learn how to navigate around the form effectively.

  • In Part 2, we created a new contract submission and began to enter data. We also saw how PEER warns us about unsaved changes and how we can navigate around the form.

    In Part 3, we're going to finish the basic data entry.

  • If you've been following along in our tutorial, we're now on Step 5 of the Contract Submission form. Back on Step 3 of the form--the questionairre--you were asked if there would be any outgoing subcontracts under this contract. If you said yes, Step 5 will present you with an "Add Subcontract" button. If you said no, you'll simply be asked to continue on to Step 6. If you want to change your answer to the subcontracts question, just navigate back to Step 3, make the change, and then Save & Continue.

  • In Part 4 we learned how to add a subcontract record to Step 5 of our contract submission form. In Part 5, we'll upload any attachments that we have, and also learn about flagging documents to be sent in the courier.

  • In this section of the contracts request tutorial, we'll add comments to be included in the request. On every step page, at the bottom right you'll see a dark grey "comments log". Click on the "view" button to open the log.

  • If you have not already clicked "Continue" on Step 6, please do so now. You should now be on Step 7 of the submission form. Step 7 (or Review & submit if you don't have 7 steps) is where we communicate the status of your request. In the large blue box, please note some instructions about the submission process.